Are You Lost In Transition?

Let me elaborate…..have you recently decided to make a change in your life that you know will put you in a better situation or to achieve an important goal only to find out that the psychological and emotional challenges of change may be hindering you and the little Gremlins in your head are sabotaging you from a successful transition and to accomplish those goals? (your saying Gremlins? that is the negative self talk that you listen to that causes you to become stuck or quit and not let you complete the process of transitioning and achieving success)

We are currently a people in transition in this country and largely not by choice. Because of the state of our economy we either have had to make changes in are life recently that we would not be making in past ordinary times or we know someone who is due to job loss, financial losses, loss of home, loss of other material positions, status and relationships. This is a time of change and transition for many people today. So instead of fighting I say embrace it!

Saying Yes….to transitioning to something new like a job, career, training program, educational goals, new home, city or relationship will open the door to personal growth, the richness of new experiences, adventures, feelings and people you never knew you missed but feel so alive to have in your life!

Many of us go into something new with great expectations and a positive attitude then reality starts setting in and this is where you can start to struggle and get lost in transition! So, you have made a decision and then you said Yes…I will move forward with this… then when reality hits the Gremlins come out to play on your thoughts and feelings. They will tap into your fears, doubts and insecurities. If you let them affect your thoughts next they will be affecting your feelings which will then affect your behavior, performance and success. This is where you need to allow your self to process these thoughts and feelings to overcome and control the negative self talk instead of it controlling you! Now I suggest for people who are at the very beginning of this change process you can take some preventive actions before this occurs…knowing that it can and likely will happen. You can do this by reviewing these strategies here or reading one of these recommended books or both!

Here are a few proven strategies:

  1. Thought stopping: remember it starts with your thoughts! The minute a negative thought comes into your head just tell your self “stop” I am not going to think that.
  2. Always replace the negative thought with a positive thought or statement about your self. What may help is to write a list of positive statements and affirmations about your self and list prior successes to carry that with you to refer to if you can not think of anything at that moment.
  3. Tell your self: change is hard and achieving new goals may not be easy but I can and will commit to getting through this bumpy part of the transition process to realize successful.
  4. Always remember it is about choice, you can choose to apply the above strategies, become your personal best, obtain your goals, realize success and have a great life!

Going through times of transition can be tough going it alone and it always helps to have someone there for you, help you stay on track, process through reoccurring negative self talk, stay focused and to cheer you on. So if you are in need of someone to help you though this time of transition you want to talk with a trusted friend, mentor, a church counselor or consider getting a Life Coach.

Here is some recommended reading to more fully explore how to overcome those Gremlins!

Taming Your Gremlin : A Surprisingly Simple Method for Getting Out of Your Own Way by Rick Carson

Blah, Blah, Blah…: Changing Your Negative Self-Talk by Barbara Small MA

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers

Today is the first day of the rest of your life… can choose to meet life’s challenges with a renewed perspective, make positive change, be your personal best and realize success.

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