Birth Control Wisdom, Educate Your Self To Make Wise Choices

In the spirit of making better choices for our selves I thought I would address this issue, something that is an important issue for all women at some point in their lives.

Women making positive choices for themselves would be in the area of self care and health care as well as with relationship, education, career/job and finding some balance to also enjoy leisure time just to mentions some of the major aspects of a woman’s life . One very important issue in regards to self/health care that is not often talked about is birth control an issue which everyone woman needs to address at some point in their life. Pregnancy is not something you want to leave up to chance nor do you want to make uninformed decisions on what method to use for birth control and family planning. There are many birth control options but some have proven to cost women their lives.

Dru West, has one of the most informative sites on birth control methods and options that I have seen online. Why is this so important to address? Because women are dying because they are uninformed and making the wrong choice in birth control method. My niece died at 29 yrs old due to using the NuvaRing. Dru West also has a very informative site on the NuvaRing. So this an issue close to my heart. I encourage you to educate your self, your daughters and encoourage all the women you know to read, learn and make an informed choice.

Birth Control Wisdom…we tell you what other sites won’t!

NuvaRing Truth…

This is the first day of the rest of your life and you can start right now to choose a better self , a safe and healthy life!

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