Living With Passion And Purpose

Do you feel like your living a spiritually impoverished mundane life but would like to live a life of passion and purpose? First you need to look internally and ask your self these questions:

  1. What do I believe in? This is were it all starts. What are your spiritual beliefs? Not religious but spiritual (spiritual is having a belief and relationship with God where religion is and external thing as in concepts, doctrines and type of church that you may attend).
  2. What do you have a passion for? Somethings would be in having a passion for maintaining a relationship with God and then doing God’s work by helping others with some skill, talent or gift that you have. Or having personal goals you want to achieve, causes, interests or hobbies. When you have a passion for something you do or work towards it gives you purpose in life. What motivates you is the level of passion you have to for that which you want to have or do.

Us humans have been created to have a connection with God and to live a productive life of purpose, becoming our personal best in life and to help others. If you are feeling that your life has become mundane with no passion or purpose it is time to look internally instead of searching externally on google and do a soul search to help you reconnect with God and to become clear about what it is you have a passion for, how that can help you and others……. then go for it!

What can help in support of this is Mentors, Life Coaches, Counselors or self help and inspirational books in what ever format you desire. Here are some links to two authors that have expertly and extensional addressed how to live a passionate and purposeful life.

Author’s Rick Warren and Matthew Kelly

The Purpose Driven Life

The Rhythm of Life: Living Everyday with Passion and Purpose

This is the first day of the rest of your life and you can start right now to choose a better self and a great life!

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