The Pathway of Grief Part 2

Over the years since the loss of my first husband I have lost my other grandparents, aunts, uncles and very sadly my parents. When we lose someone we love deeply we can become paralyzes and feel as if we are losing a part of ourselves. As I journeyed the pathway of grief with each loved one I found God’s Word, scriptures and promises have helped me process my grief which helped me come to a place of acceptance. I also realized I will continue to carry them with me throughout my life in my memories and the love in my heart that I have for them. 

God’s love for us endures forever Psalms 136: 1 And our love for those we have lost endures forever as well. Eventually, I have come to a place of acceptance and the ultimate to let go of them so hey can experience the fullness of God. And lastly, with the belief I will see them again some day.  

Your grief and process will be unique to you and is influenced by many factors and each is different based on the degree and length of time and the quality of the relationship. If it was a parent, a spouse, a child, other relatives or friends. If the cause of death was sudden or due to long-term illness. In each case you will experience the grief process differently. 

The 3 N’s of grief are: 

  1. It is normal to be deeply affected by the loss of someone you have loved. 
  2. It is natural, meaning it is completely a human thing to do. We can’t avoid it It is built into us, we have been created to love and to grieve.
  3. Grief is necessary. Grief is a healthy way to cope with the loss. It only makes 

The emotional pain and grief will last longer if you don’t. There is a time to grieve and a time to let go. If you allow yourself to process it you will know when it is time to lovingly let go yet knowing you will never forget them, thinking about them  or stop loving them.. 

My most recent and most heartbreaking loss was earlier this year. The man who walked into my life so many years ago, who I have experienced so much of life with and who became the love of my life passed away earlier this year. I miss him terribly and I am allowing myself to grieve. This time I am grieving for him like no other time. Just know it is the darkest before the dawn and what is personally getting me through is my beliefs and knowing he is always with me in my heart and I will see him again someday.

If you’re struggling with grief, there are some good books that can help, I found the one listed here very helpful. You could also benefit from joining a Grief and Loss group at your church or in your local community.

Grieving is your pathway to peace (click on the image )

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