No More Goodbye’s

As I have been going through my grieving process I came across a couple of things I want to share. This is the first one.

This is a poem a very dear friend of my Eva Scrivano-Conti wrote and shared with me several years ago. Going through my files I found it and re-reading it has given me some peace and comfort at this time.

 No More Goodbye’s

It’s not goodbye,
But so long that we say
To our dearest loved ones who have gone far away.

It can’t be goodbye,
Not if we love
Not if we believe in the heavens above.
We are told that
Faith is what we need
In order for us to believe
In things we cannot see.

I have seen the light,
And I have felt the peace.

Others have said
There are beautiful trees.
Rivers of water,
And beautiful seas.

And, why not I say?
I have seen it here below,
So tell me why can’t it be so?

Somehow I believe
The goodbye’s of this earth
Will turn into a joy
When we greet
Our dear loved ones
in the forever more.

Corinthians 2-9
“Eye has not seen
Ear has not heard
Nor has it so much as entered
The heart of man
What God has prepared
For those who love him”

My heart tells me that,
Love is the key
That opens the door to eternity.

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