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My name is JoAnna Ferber. The purpose of my Life Coaching website is to present information, useful tools, resources and discuss topics that may be helpful to those who choose to make positive changes in their life, relationships and work.

I am a Life Coach who specializes in Coaching, Mentoring and Counseling Women from adolescence thru menopause and beyond. As you read my posts on this site you will see that I have a Christian orientation but also for whomever is in need of this information. It is my mission to help every willing woman who reads this blog and my hope is that they will realize that they can focus on future possibilities not past mistakes and choose to live a happy and fulfilling life. 

Each one of us is the author of our own life and what we choose to think and do is what will make all the difference in the quality of our life, personal & spiritual wellness, relationships, in our work or careers. The key component to achieving this is to make well thought out good choices. Sounds easy, well not always as most of you know. Many people are going through life reacting to other people’s choices, letting others choose for them, acting impulsively to get immediate gratification in life, never feeling long term satisfaction or achieving the lasting personal success they desire. Long term positive change can happen by putting God in the center of your life, by choosing to make the changes and taking the action necessary to become your best self. Yes, change can be hard even positive change but with your efforts and God’s promise to help you can make it happen. “All things are possible with God” ~Matthew 19:26

You will find that whatever stage of life you are in right now it is about focusing on who you are at this time, gaining clarity on what you want to improve in your life, how to do it, and most importantly how to work through what is holding you back from achieving your goals and success. Did you know that not only a Life Coach or Counselor can help you with this process but that God also calls us to let go of the past, focus on the present, become the best version of our unique self and move forward to a better future. That is why I believe putting God in the center of this process will help all things to come together for the best possible outcome. Helping you learn how to tap into the power of God in your life, make better choices for yourself, for you to become your personal best and to realize success is the focus of my Life Coaching ,writings, resources and links.

In most of my posts I will also be asking thought provoking questions that will get you to thinking, gain clarity and to create a new vision to define and set obtainable goals. My hope is that you will choose to take the first step on the path to realize your personal success by answering the “questions” which will create increased awareness and a desire to make positive change. What will also help you in your process and on your journey is to be open to further exploring with me, to learning, to what God has to say that can help you and to take the action steps necessary to empower yourself.

So who am I? You will find a little bio that was written for me on my About Me page. 

Are you ready to do what it takes to become the best version of yourself? 

This is the first day of the rest of your life and you can start right now to choose a better self and a great life!

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