About Life Coaching

So, what is a Life Coach and why does a person need one?

A Life Coach is a Co-Active partnering relationship that can help you:

work through life, relationship or career transitions more quickly and easily

make positive change in your life, relationships & work

Move forward with clarity and confidence

Gain more success and balance in your life

Become your personal best and realize success

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is an integration and evolution of the fields of Counseling, Personal/Spiritual Development and Career/Business Consulting. For me Becoming a Life Coach has been an evolutionary process and a natural extension of my previous counseling practice, personal career and business experience (see my about me page). I use an integrated approach of Coaching, Counseling, Educating and Christian Spiritual direction in my sessions.

I started this website a few years back when I was still in practice. I am now retired from private practice but still committed to educating, mentoring, coaching and inspiring women to make positive change by reading my blog posts and applying what will help them make the needed changes. 

Most often I am asked, “how is Life Coaching different from Counseling?” Psychotherapeutic Counseling predominately deals with a person’s past, painful events and past trauma while Life Coaching/Counseling deals with a person’s present an seeks to guide them to a more desired future. Little time is spent in the past except for the occasional brief “visit” as an aide to establishing goals and developing the future. Life Coaching focuses on future possibilities not past mistakes and experiences.

I have seen where there is a fundamental shift in how and why people are seeking help today. People today are dealing with more “here and now” challenges than ever before. More than ever people want to just take a glance at the past, learn how to overcome obstacles that maybe holding them back, embrace the present, move forward in their life and achieve their goals. A co-partnering relationship can help you do that,  

If you need in-person Life Coaching sessions, I encourage you to find someone in your area. 

Start making positive change in your life today!