As The American Idol Judges Would Say “Keep It Real”

Ok, some of the references , who was on the show and who the judges where at the time….like mentioning Crystal (this will be a walk down memory lane) but the message of this post stands the test of time. 

I have been watching American Idol and voting for Crystal Bowersox like sooooo many other people. Why do I like Crystal? She has captured my heart because she is not only talented but “real” or to use the another term that many people are using these days she is ” authentic”.

I also watch American Idol because I find the show entertaining and I like the messages the Judges are giving to the contestants. You may be thinking huh, what ? Think about it, what if you were to apply their comments and coaching to your life? No not when Randy is calling them “dog” instead of by name or that their performance was “dope” instead of some other adjectives he could choose to let them know how well they did or Simon when he says their performance was ” not memorable” after the contestant just sang their heart out. However, I have decided that is he’s way to suggest that they do something noteworthy, original and remembered but framed in a negative way to create controversy with the viewers and audience to keep it stimulating and get the contestant to step it up. (Everyone has a different coaching style!)

What I am referring to is these 5 statements that are either stated or implied in almost every show:

  1. Keep it real, be the best “you” that you can be or become.
  2. Be true to yourself, believe in yourself and show us you have confidence in “you”.
  3. Be creative, take something that has already been created and use your creativity to tweak it just enough to make it “your own”.
  4. It is ultimately about “Choices”, make song and performance choices that match who you are, your own style and talent.
  5. Listen and learn, from the other successful people: performance and style coaches, the celebrity mentors, and the constructive criticism and coaching from the Judges.

What if you were to take those statements and apply to your personal performance on the stage of life? What if you believed it was great to be your true self not a copy of someone else and that it was a good thing to tap into your own personal creative energy source your unique talents, skills and abilities to tweak whatever daily job or task you do to make it your own; continually stepping it up till you were consistently performing at optimal level? I think you would be feeling very self-confident and setting a great example for others to follow as well as get praise, positive feedback and realize success with what ever you are choosing to do.

Next ladies this leads us to “choices” by now you know that the focus of my life coaching is to help you become aware it all starts with our choices and a willingness to learn and grow. Further that our ongoing daily choices continue to make all the difference in whether we fail or succeed with achieving our personal goals in life, career and in relationship with others.

Did you know that most successful people who have become their best authentic self have been willing to listen and learn from other successful people, mentors and coaches. Did you think that mentors and coaches are just for people who are trying to become “the” next American Idol? These would be Idols are working real hard at becoming their very best self and trying to become memorable but you know what, you too can become your best self and a memorable person!

If you choose to be open to learning, gaining clarity, willing to take action, to be accountable and to become successful you may want a Life Coach to help you “Keep it real” , coach you and cheer you on as you become your better self and move from a marginal to an optimal life. Then I encourage you to find one in your area. 

Remember: This is the first day of the rest of your life and you can start right now to choose a better self and a memorable life!

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