Spiritual Awakening… A New Beginning

Although there are many books out there of people’s spiritual re-birth or awakening, how God revealed himself to them, their spiritual journey and how God choose to bless them as well as use them to convey his message to us….I encourage you to read this person’s story. I felt inspired and blessed to have read it and hope you will too.

The author Eva Scrivano-Conti keeps it “real” as she presents her personal experiences and memoirs in a straight forward, sweet, simply stated and easy to read book that is only 84 pages! Some of her experiences you may question however if you consider the “fruit” of these visions and experiences you will know that the source is of God and as Scripture states, “All things are possible with God” Luke 18:27 and “Thus, by their fruit you will know them” Matthew 7:20

In summary it is a message of love first and foremost, faith and hope for the future. Eva allowed God to open the eyes of her heart so that she may hear and see what He had for her and how He wanted to best use her to get His message out to others. Eva a mother of 10 children and grandmother of many children has a real love and connection with the Blessed Mother of Jesus Christ in a practical and spiritual way and for children. Her Christian orientation is Catholic however people from all types of Christian churches visit this magical and mystical place Medjugorje, have left with a enlightened perspective and for some experienced a physical or emotional healing. Through her encounter with the Blessed Mother Mary in Medjugorje God revealed himself to Eva and through his son Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit. As you read through this little but powerful book you will learn how she was empowered to have a passion for intercessory prayer for others. Eva later felt lead to teach children, teens and families the importance and power of prayer in their lives and those they pray for. She was also blessed with the ability to create some children’s songs, a song for adults and some poems that have a message for children and us adult children of God to always remember and to keep in our hearts and minds. The children are our future..and will be the leaders of our society some day so it is so important that what they learn in childhood as it will define the adult they will become and the direction of our society will go.

So my question to you readers, “Do you think the world would start changing for the better if we were an example of God’s love to our children and to have children’s, teen and family prayer groups from every denomination going in every city praying for unity, healing and peace in our homes, streets, community, church’s, school campuses and in the world.”? Scripture tells us when two or more gather for prayer the results an be dynamic.

Here is the link to the book Medjugorje…A New Beginning

If you have a story of your own spiritual awaking, your journey and how God’s has or is using you to spread his message of love, please post in comments or email me and after review I will post on this site to share with others.

This is the first day of the rest of your life and you can start right now to choose a better self and a great life!

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