Actions Speak Louder Than Words

There are people who will talk your ear off, and/or may say all the things you want to hear but do their actions back it up? Then there are others who do not say much but communicate with their actions. Become an observer of people’s actions, are their actions self centered or for others best interest? Are they kind, honorable and helpful or the opposite ? Do their actions match what they say? A person’s actions can speak volumes about who they are, their intentions and what they are communicating without words. 

Example, I was one of 6 children, my parents did not communicate affection verbally which bothered me for a long time till one day I looked back and I realized they did by their self sacrifices. They took care of us, did all it took to raise us, and keep the family together through the difficult times and good times. And it spoke volumes when they would put an arm around me or give me a hug to show that showed me they cared. They did not always give us what we wanted but did give us what was needed.  It was their actions; working and preforming many task each day “acts of love” and sometimes tough love, that I am grateful for and that I could finally see and understand this.

Another and greater example is how God, our heavenly Father communicates with us not by an audible voice but through his actions which we call answered prayers, miracles and blessings. He does this directly and often He does this through the actions of others.  He also provides for us with what we need but not always what we want and not in our time but His time or you can say the right time for us, If this is a foreign concept He also gave us His Word the Bible as a way to get to know Him and as a guidepost to living life. It would be a good starting place to read a little every day and then ask God to show you what you need to learn from what you read..

It has been a process for me, I did not always realize or recognize how God was showing me by His actions and that He has been there for me my entire life. I can see that now and in the past only in retrospect. Looking back I can name many times it was only by His help, healing and grace I got through many of the life experiences and losses I have had. After a spiritual renewal the scales on my eyes slowly but surely feel off which has given me the eyes to see clearly. I see now how He shows me love, support and protection by His actions and how He has worked through the actions of other kind, caring and supportive people in my life.

God’s main message to us is to take the actions to be in relationship with Him, others and to help others as He has done for us. God set up this wonderful support system for us knowing we need this as we journey through life.

Now you may be thinking that not everyone’s actions are what they should be. That is why observe them and take the action to set boundaries or communicate that their actions are not acceptable and need to be corrected. Also, look at your actions do you need to make some changes as well? You will know this through self analysis or someone letting you know. 

So, be aware of the actions of others around you, what do they say to you? What do your actions say to others about you?

And remember, This is the first day of the rest of your life and you can start right now to choose a better self and a great life!

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