Employment & the Great American Shake Out….

It has been a while since I wrote this article below however we have very recently experienced another American shake up of our economy that has threatened many businesses, careers and jobs. As you read what I previously wrote and recommended still applies and so does the challenge question…do you dare to change your life, job or career? How do you do that?…..well read on!

This is a previous random post I have included on this blog as it addresses an issue many people are currently dealing with and this will lead into future post in regards to job seeking or changing jobs and/or career.

I live in California were we just had a day that was focused on what to do if a big Earthquake hit. Now living in California all my life I am used to earthquakes and the threat of Earthquakes.The preparedness day was called the “The Great Shake Out”. However, this morning as I hear yet again of another major business laying of thousands of people and that another’s are considering bankruptcy, closing down completely or doing a major downsize what came to mind is we are currently experiencing the Great American Shake Out in regards to employment in our country. In an earthquake homes and buildings can be damaged or destroyed and often time’s people lose their material possessions as well as life as they knew it to be. People also can get hurt or lose their life. Others are left scared and disoriented not sure where to go or what to do but I have noticed that as long as there is life there is survival instincts.

When a person experiences a loss of a job in a good economy it is bad enough but for thousands to experience this is the shakiest economy in our life time then you are left feeling as disoriented and devastated as if you were hit with a major earthquake. The good news is after you pick yourself up and dust yourself off your survival instincts kick in and allow you to start taking action. Yes, it is great to be prepared and have a plan…but many people live in the moment and deal with situations as they come up. Many people have lost jobs due to this real estate- mortgage lender debacle and greed at the higher levels which has been the catalyst for our house of cards to fall and this economic shake out to hit. At first we saw many losing their jobs in those 2 respective fields now jobs are being lost in many fields due to the change reaction effect. But remember we people are survivors!

I am all about helping others help themselves to not be a victim of circumstances but be an over comer and survivor in life. To do this I often recommend self help books or resources that can be helpful to ones process. Yes, there are books and other materials to help you prepare and survive a major earthquake however I just came across a book that I feel is a timely read for those that have lost there jobs or fear this may be happening to them. This book is also great for anyone who just wants to make a career or job change for any reason. I love the positive tone of the book and how it addresses today’s perspective and job market. The author helps you realize that things from previous generations have changed and in today’s employment world it is ok to have several different careers in a life time or try different kinds of jobs. Further the author illustrates how others have processed through their decision to make a change or survived a job loss only to find a better job or start a business of their own. She reminds us that endings can mean new and better beginnings. Further the author illustrates 3 different types of people with an emphasis on being a”Questor”. What is that? A”Questor” is someone who dares to take the risk to live creatively, to do and try different jobs or careers very similar to a survivor’s mentality which we will need at this place and time in our countries history. The book also offers practical self help tools: self assessments test, job seeking information, how to write a great resume, interview preparation and follow-up etiquette that is so necessary to be noticed as well many great resources that are needed as you attempt the next step in your career/job quest.

And the best part is if you read and utilize the information and tools in this book it is not only helpful but much less costly than paying a career counselor or agency that offers this same kind of advisement and service. Here is a direct link to:

Dare to Change Your Life and Your Job

This is the first day of the rest of your life and you can start right now to choose a better self, to be your personal best and to have a great life!

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