Growing Need For A Support & Accountability Person Or Groups For Job Seekers

Although, want to address various areas of life that you would like to make positive change in I have decided to make focusing on unemployment and seeking a job a priority in the next several blog posts. As this is where the area of greatest need is currently.

Seeking a job and finding new ways to make an income has been rough going for many these days. There is a growing need for those who are unemployed and going through their job search process to have a support person or group that can support, encourage and give them accountability as they are seeking and till they find new employment.

Once the services of having a Life Coach or group led by a professional was a luxury but is now becoming more of a necessity. There is a new art to seeking employment which starts with a positive optimistic outlook and attitude, writing a dynamic cover letter and resume, learning the secrets to internet job searches, resume submission, landing the interview ,becoming interview savvy and networking.

For job seekers who may benefit from free useful information and resources you might want to check back occasionally for helpful information.

The Question: What do you need to upgraded or tweaked to get the job you want?

This is the first day of the rest of your life and you can start right now to choose a better self, to be your personal best, have a great life and achieve your goals!

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