Tips For Job Seekers

Are you a Savvy job seeker? Hopefully the next few post will help you become one!

The next few articles will be on the 4 step job seekers program: Prepare Plan, Proceed and Succeed. I will present some realities, tips and strategies that could help you become a Savvy Job Seeker who will get results.

This first one is on Preparing.

Tip: Preparing starts with your attitude and perspective

Some reasons for seeking employment:

Recent job loss, newly entering or re-entering the work force

Dissatisfaction with current job or career

Current job or career may no longer be a good fit or is not compatible with current stage in your life cycle.

For those who have lost their job you may recognize and need to work thru the 5 stages of the transition curve.

Shock, denial and disbelief

Fear and Anxiety

Resistance, Anger, and Blame

Acceptance and exploration

Commitment to seeking new employment.

For those who may be experiencing job dissatisfaction you may want to consider exploring the reasons and possible ways to resolve and improve the situation before seeking an alternative in this current job market.

And for th0se who may feel like your current job or career is no longer a good “fit” or you feel burnt out on your current type of job….till you make a job or career change are you projecting a “I could care less” or negative attitude at work? Is this causing your performance to decline and to get negative reactions back from employers or co-workers?

I have found that most people have a lingering negative perspective from job loss, a job they want to leave, feel it does not fit any longer or is just burnt out. Most people are transparent and do not realize that they are coming off negative. Negativity begets negative results. These negative feelings need to be dealt with so you can move forward with a renewed positive prospective. Employers today are not only looking at your education and skills but for people who have a positive winning attitude and show the following traits:

self-reliant, resilient and optimistic

flexible, open minded and creative

positive attitude and are confident

team player and gets along well with others

willing to learn from their experiences

willing to be open to learning new concepts and skills

can turn crises into opportunities

***The next post will be on the next step: Planning

Today is the first day of the rest of your life… can choose to meet life’s challenges, make positive change, be your personal best and realize success.

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