12 Step Practical Help For Job Seekers

Continuing with my current focus for job seeks here are some practical job search tips: Prepare, Plan Proceed and Succeed!

  1. Prepare mentally with working through any negative feelings previously mentioned in my last post or lingering negative self talk.
  2. Plan by scheduling daily structured time that will be spent on job searches, interviewing, following up on interviews and networking. Make looking for and obtaining a job, your job.
  3. Plan by dressing for success for an interview or when you are in any kind of social or networking situation. Dress appropriately in business attire for the professional level job as well as entry level position. Nothing less than business casual is consider acceptable. ***Any social situation can become a networking opportunity and statistics show that first impressions do count and it only takes 1 second for a person to form there opinion base on how you look!
  4. Plan by learning how to do Internet searches, use keyword strategies in you cover letter and resume. ***Most job listing our posted online.
  5. Plan by writing a dynamic resume that will stand out. a) Use current suggested resume format **will post this information separately. b) use key words found in the employers job description and requirements in your cover letter and in your resume to match what they are looking for. c) have someone proof read before submitting. d) submit your resume with a short cover letter working in the keys words in the contents of the letter.
  6. Current facts on submitting resumes:

Employers today posting jobs will get hundreds of resumes for one position. They will not read all resumes submitted nor do thy have to time to respond to every resume submitted. They manually screen/read the ones that show recent experience that matches the job title posted and qualifications they are looking for.

Job Search sites like Career Builder and Monster Board will automatically screen qualified resumes for a posted job based on key words in the cover letter and resume that again match the Job title and qualifications for the position posted by that employer, i.e. works much like a Google Search.

When posting your resume on job search sites remember to take the time to fill in the forms that ask your last three jobs. Job title, responsibilities, special or specific skills. ** This is the first thing the employer will look t to determine whether they will read your resume.

  1. Plan by learning successful interviewing: a) do your homework about the company before your appointment. b) be prepared to answer the basic questions which usually are: “Tell me about yourself”, “What are your Strengths and Weaknesses”, “Why should we hire you”, “Why do you want to work here”, “What are your Goals”, “”Why did you leave (are you leaving) your job”, ” What qualifications do you have that would make you a good candidate for this position”.
  2. Proceed to your interview prepared and confident.
  3. Close the interview with: a) short review of why you are a good candidate for the position and how you can benefit their company. b) let them know you are excited about the job and ask what is the next step in the hiring process. c) thank them for their time and the opportunity to interview for the position.
  4. Always follow up your interview with a brief ” Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you” email or sent note.
  5. Proceed by maintaining a positive and optimistic attitude as you continue your search using these strategies till you succeed in in obtaining employment.
  6. Succeed by enjoying the experience of your first day on the job!

No matter how difficult your job search has been till now remember:

Today is the first day of the rest of your life…..you can choose to meet life’s challenges with a renewed perspective, make positive change, be your personal best and realize success.

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