Key Points To Real Life Social Networking

It appears we have all become very skilled at online social networking but how are your real life networking skills working for you? These skills can be essential in landing that job you are interviewing for or acquiring new leads, clients, connections or friends in your local area. Keeping it simple here is a quick little easy to remember guide when in face to face situations:

N= NAME (commit their name to memory and us in the conversation)

E= EYE CONTACT (maintain during conversation and interaction)

T=TALK ( make conversation but also be a good listener to “hear” what they are saying)

W=Write (for business always write and send a followup note)

O=OPEN (be open and ask questions you will learn helpful information)

R=RESOURCE (become a resource for others)

K=KNOWLEDGE (ability to validate your knowledge, identity or what ever you are promoting)

It is so important to maintain that social balance these days between online and off line social networking!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life… can choose to meet life’s challenges with a renewed perspective, make positive change, be your personal best and realize success.

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