How To Use Linkedin The Best Social Media Site For Job Seekers

How to Use LinkedIn: Tips for best Networking results.

After you have created your account, upload your best picture and posted all you information, now what?

Tap into the power of LinkedIn!

If you are not seeking employment or clients you will want to keep your profile updated and join your business, industry or interest groups and actively participate in daily or weekly discussions. This will make you visible in the groups and make new connections which is great for ongoing support. Also, you will be building a network of contacts that will be very helpful if you do need to seek employment, work or clients in the future as well as give you ongoing online business presence. Here are some strategies for using LindedIn for that purpose.

If you are new to LinkedIn and currently on the market, seeking employment work or clients:

  1. First search for people you may know and connect with them then join groups. Go to your LinkedIn Home page and click on the group icon and follow the menu look over the groups to get an idea of what groups there are in your business industry or area of interest.
  2. Now go back to your Home page and click on the Groups in the search drop down menu, then search for these types of groups in your geographic location. (this really works well if you are looking for business or a job)
  3. Once you have joined a group you can search for members in that group by entering keywords for business and job titles of people you want to connect with. (you may then see their entire profile)
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of their profile page, find the groups they belong to and then contact them through the group format.
  5. But here is the key…transitioning from online to real world networking , after you have connected via the group your goal will be to email the person you feel would be best to help you to set up a meet for coffee to get that all important face time with a possible employer to further cultivate the connection and gain company information and explore possible job opportunities.
  6. If you have your own business and you are seeking new accounts or clients. Go to People search tab and local businesses that you would like to acquire their business or sell your products to. This will show you a list of their employees. You can then click on the employee profile to see who would be the contact person who could best help you.
    Scroll to the bottom of their profile to see the groups they belong to and connect with them via the group to open a dialogue and set up a time to meet for coffee or set up an appointment of interview.

Your online efforts can translate to off line success…..

I wish you best of luck and positive results!

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