Life Is A Series Of New Beginnings

This is my latest new beginning to start blogging again.

Life is not one boring continuum of the same but a progression of many new beginnings. You may have realized that by now but if you have not you may want take the time to reflect on your life with this focus. You will likely recall experiencing many new beginnings in each stage, phase and progression of your life, relationships, education, jobs and careers. Those experiences go hand in hand with the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our life’s. How we handle these new beginnings and how it affects these aspects of our us is a result of our thoughts, beliefs and perspective. It can be a time to grow and renew or a time remain stuck in fear and the past. To often people have a hard time moving forward because they get stuck in negative thoughts that can keep you from wonderful new beginnings in your life that will improve their life, help you grow and possibly help others. Unfortunately, this happens to often and I will be addressing that in future postings.

I am encouraged and blessed with friends who regardless of position or age have taken had the courage and foresight to begin anew many times each in there own way throughout their life’s . A friend I have previously mentioned in a post after the golden age of 70 did not let negative thinking stop her from becoming a published Author and writer of books, Spiritual Director and begin to do online blogging.

She has written about her personal and spiritual new beginnings in her first book. Medjugorje: A New Beginning

This has lead to additional new beginnings and a second book, just click on the link and you can read all about that in her book. From Medjugorje To Spiritual Blogger

If you are feeling stuck and your negative thoughts are holding you back from wonderful new beginnings in your life whatever that may be that be for you. Beginnings that will bring you joy, improve the quality of your life and possibly help others you may want to watch for my next post which will be the start of a series on Thought Conditions which are bible phrases and suggestions that will help you get unstuck and move forward towards embracing your next new beginning.

Life, what an adventure…..

This is the first day of the rest of your life and you can start right now to choose a better self and a great life!

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